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GENERAL LITERATURE (AIRMAILS) - GENERAL LITERATURE (AIRMAILS) - 'The Otto Kallir Collection of Aviation History'. Sotherby's auction

The Otto Kallir Collection Of Aviation History. Sotherby's auction catalogue in New York of June 14th 1993.

GENERAL LITERATURE (AIRMAILS) - The American Air Mail catalogue in four volumes.GENERAL LITERATURE (AIRMAILS) - The American Air Mail catalogue in four volumes.

The American Air Mail C atalogue in four volumes. Vol 1/1963 reprint of 1947 edition/578 pgs. Vol 2/1963 reprint of 1950 edition/.1174 pages. Vol 3/4th edition 1970/572 pages. Vol 4/4th edition 1971/539 pgs. A fine & very useful work covering US & foreign contract flights. Very heavy. (4 volumes). ONLY ONE HANDBOOK SHOWN.

GRENADA - Robson Lowe auction catalogueGRENADA - Robson Lowe auction catalogue

The Joseph Hackmey collection. R.Lowe auction cat Nov 26th 1985 with realisations.

GENERAL LITERATURE (AIR MAILS) - Harmer auction catalogue.GENERAL LITERATURE (AIR MAILS) - Harmer auction catalogue.

The Lindsay Everard collection of Air Stamps. Harmer auction cat Oct 19th & 20th 1953. With realisations.

GENERAL LITERATURE (AIR STAMPS) - Stanley Gibbons catalogue.GENERAL LITERATURE (AIR STAMPS) - Stanley Gibbons catalogue.

Stanley Gibbons Air Stamp Catalogue and Guide to Aero-Philately. 1st edition pub 1931.